Becoming a Travel Agent

In 2012 I made a rather radical decision to leave my life in the UK behind and go travelling. Having no plan in mind, other than heading first to Thailand, I got on a plane and set off in June 2012. What a fantastic experience it was. I visited 12 countries in 12 months and had the time of my life, meeting so many wonderful kind, caring people along the way and they will be part of my memories for a lifetime. I was always going to return in June 2013 due to committments at home, but I did decide that travel was in my blood and to be able to carry on travelling to some extent was a must.

So, setting up a travel company was the perfect progression for me. Having started in September 2013 following a training programme to get me up and running, I  haven’t looked back. In just short 5 months £200,000 worth of holiday bookings have been made and I’ve managed trips to Benidorm, Puerto Banus, Morocco, Tunisa and Bulgaria, plus a few UK breaks as well. It just goes to prove that you can have a successful business and still travel.

This week sees the launch of our new Partners in Travel product, which gives people the opportunity to earn a residual income without doing very much at all.

Start your very own travel business with no training and no selling required. Simply sign-up today and we will give you:

– Live Bookable Website Worth £10,000′s
– Marketing Tips and Tools
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– Cost Price Holidays
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– 100% Financial Protection

30 day money back guarantee!

For more information take a look at our short video presentation at

Or, give me a call. I’m always happy to chat about holidays and the opportunities available for people who want to enter the travel business at any level.

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Becoming a Travel Agent