Businesses display on the streets

Guidelines for the placement of ‘A’ Boards on publicly maintained highways, pavements and grassed areas in the District of Uttlesford.

The District Council through the Town Teams and Newport Business Association is actively working with local businesses to help develop and maximise business opportunities, and to some ‘A’ Boards are considered useful to promote sales for their particular line of business.

However, they can present a potential hazard, particularly to the disabled with mobility impairment, wheelchair users, people using pushchairs or mobility scooters and particularly to those with impaired sight.

Regrettably there have been a few incidents and rather than take the drastic step of banning ‘A’ Boards altogether, the District Council’s preferred option is to seek cooperation from retailers to comply with Essex County Council’s (ECC) Policy published in February 2013 (attached) for the placement of ‘A’ Boards and advertising material on publicly maintained highways, pavements and grassed areas.

The ECC Policy is common sense and, if followed, should minimise the potential hazard for pedestrians who are, after all, either existing or potentially new customers.
It is important to note that the responsibility for any injury caused to a third party by a business’ ‘A’ Board or other advertising material lies entirely with that business and not Essex County Highways or Uttlesford District Council. Businesses who wish to display an ‘A’ Board to promote their business are strongly advised therefore to have sufficient Public Liability Insurance for this purpose.

Uttlesford District Council reserves the right to revise these guidelines without prior notice should it become necessary.

For further information, please email or telephone Simon Jackson, Economic Development Officer, on 01799 510521 or 07977 246237 –

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Businesses display on the streets