Using Twitter Wisely….

Whatever your business, you can’t possibly have failed to appreciate the importance of social media in building a brand. Even the smallest of dog-walking or babysitting services has a Facebook page these days. And look at any advertising material and you’ll see the Twitter logo with an address for anyone wanting more information. But you need to be using Twitter wisely.

Twitter in particular is an a amazing resource for advertising. But with so many voices tweeting for attention, it’s important to have a strategy that will make yours louder than those of your competitors rather than being lost in a sea of tweets.

Tweet well, and tweet often, is basically what it comes down to. Studies have shown a strong correlation between number of fans and frequency of tweets. But if nobody’s reading them, then what’s the point?

This is why it’s important to tweet well. Engage in conversations with other businesses – that way you’re making yourself known to their followers as well as your own. Look at what’s trending, find something that’s relevant to your business, and say something appropriate along with the relevant hashtag, so that people who are following that story will know you exist and have something to say. Once they know you have something to say, they may well be more interested in knowing that you have something to sell.

Social media marketing for business essex

But always remember that the internet never forgets, and an unwise tweet can can dire consequences for businesses as well as celebrities. Just typing “Twitter fail” into Google will give you more examples that you will ever have time to read of people and businesses falling foul of their inability to use the platform well. Racist celebrities are the ones who make the national news, of course, but the small business arena is littered with the corpses of companies whose employees, whether intentionally or otherwise, have tweeted something offensive or upsetting and have not been able to ride out the storm. Social media can be a very unforgiving place.

But all this can be avoided if you put an effective social media strategy into place – preferably only one person should have access to the account, and they should be both trusted and well-briefed.

But don’t let the risks put you off – for every company that has ruined itself with a Twitter fail, there are many more who have treated the platform sensibly and have seen amazing returns in terms of brand identity, customer base and profit.


If you’s like any help using Twitter correctly for the benefit of your business please contact the team at Magnificent Stuff – they know about such things:-)


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Has your web developer covered all the SEO bases?

Search Engine Optimisation

We’re all trying to make sure our web pages are best placed in the search results on the key search engines such as Google or Bing and these days it is much more of a meritocracy than ever before; the genuinely good websites rising to the top for their sphere of authority.

That’s not to say that they can’t be influenced. Please dispel any ideas of the black hat techniques of the past and concentrate on writing quality websites that are genuinely better than their compatriots, better content, better written, better composed, better liked, better coded, basically fundamentally better by any real measure.

Today we’ll consider ten key on-page items that make websites perform better in the search results. In other editions we’ll go deeper into this as well as looking at other off page factors. Follow us @Toucan_Group for later editions of the SEO Checklist.

Let’s now look at the on-page items that we consider mandatory for good SEO in this session. There are hundreds of items to consider but here is a snap shot of ten very important on-page items. Don’t shoot the web developer if these are not implemented exactly as prescribed here in your site as it can depend on the brief you’ve given them and the mission for the site.

To check many of these you’ll need to see the code that makes up your pages. This is browser dependent but is normally under a term such as “view page source”. In Chrome on PC, right click and you get that option.

  1. Keywords in the Title Tag
    The title tag is the webpage’s second most important piece of SEO content and it therefore provides the search engine a high SEO ranking.
  2. Title Tag Starts with Keyword
    Title tags that start with a keyword invariably perform better than title tags with the keyword elsewhere in the word order.
  3. Keywords in Description Tag
    This is a less relevant tag than in the past however these still make a difference to ranking with some search engines.
  4. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag
    H1 tags are the next most important item to get right after the title tag. These send another relevancy signal to Google as they reinforce the title tag.
  5. Word Count
    The extent of the content on your page with more words expanding on the relevant topic is a ranking signal and will affect the Search Engine Results Position. A bare minimum of 100 words is a fair rule however 300 words of more will give better results.
  6. Cross linking within the site using Keywords
    In the text within the site use links on the keywords to navigate to other sections of the site. Google picks up on these as items that are of high relevance within the site.
  7. Page Loading Speed in a browser
    Google and Bing monitor page loading speed as a ranking factor. Poorly built sites with no code minification, bloated code, badly compressed images and alike all increase page load time. For an impartial test of your site go to
  8. Duplicate Content
    Never use identical content anywhere in a site, it will be spotted and the site penalised in the search results as it is a negative indicator of quality. This includes all tags, meta and image except the keyword tag.
  9. Image Optimisation
    Images with a page provide search engines relevancy signals and usability factors. Use the file name to be descriptive, use alt text to describe the image so that text readers for partially sighted get an explanation and consider adding title, description and caption.
  10. Page html errors
    Poorly coded web pages are indicative of a poor website. If the code doesn’t comply with standards then there’s a chance the search engine spiders may even baulk at indexing it altogether and not all browsers will render it properly. The standards book is W3C and they provide a validation tool at Once again don’t cane your web developer too much if there is the odd Warninghowever if there are many Errors, then you should delve further.

Further publications will deliver further manageable bite-sized advice on this enormous topic. All announced @toucan_group.


This information has been written and collated by Simon Thomas, active in commercial web development and online marketing since 1996, who understands the need to stay current with standards and methods almost week by week.
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Has your web developer covered all the SEO bases?

‘Always On’ Marketing Strategy – How SMEs can Benefit

030216104810_m2[1]Always On Marketing

The media landscape can be an intimidating place for SMEs. Primarily because they are greater in number (representing 99% of all EU businesses) and therefore face more competition from peers, but also because they lack the vast budgets and ability to generate the standout and market recognition larger organisations can. An Always On strategy should be considered.

Financial benefit

An Always On strategy – where small amounts of information or content is delivered constantly rather than a more traditional “campaign” model, is ideal for smaller businesses on a financial level, as it is easier to spread the cost over time instead of crippling your bottom line with a major fiscal hit every few months. It also means that your message is continuous rather than being reinvented each burst.

Relationship building

A further advantage of Always On content is that it engages you and your audience in an ongoing two-way conversation, a key driver for building your customer base. Your audience, like the rest of us, live in a world where they have become accustomed to constant information- when that drops off at the end of a campaign, a lot of that engagement can be lost. Of course attracting their attention in the first place is important, but equally crucial is being able to retain it. An Always On strategy can help to develop a relationship – keep them coming back.

“A good analogy would be with web browsing – getting people to click on your page is one thing, but what you really want is for them to bookmark it”.

Allows you to be both reactive AND proactive

Always On is key when it comes to maintaining relationships because it enables you to be nimble, and adapt to changing circumstances or customer feedback on the fly. A campaign which is generally more proactive, is a commitment, and if poorly-judged can be very difficult to come back from and can even be damaging.

“To summarise, with Always On marketing, even if you are using it in combination with campaign marketing, you will have much less trouble turning the ship around if you reach choppy waters!”

If you would like help with an Always On strategy for your business please email or visit our CONTACT page

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‘Always On’ Marketing Strategy – How SMEs can Benefit

Suppliers of personalised clothing and promotional giftware to help you stand out from the crowd. from Saffron Apparel has updated their news.

The wettest January on record and MORE rain is forecast !!


Don’t get caught out in the rain – we supply waterproof jackets, trousers, hats and umbrellas. These can be supplied plain or personalised with your company name/logo or any message you require.


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If you are heading outdoors and need to keep dry, call us on; 01799 542142 and see how we can help keep you warm and dry.

Suppliers of personalised clothing and promotional giftware to help you stand out from the crowd. from Saffron Apparel has updated their news.

Businesses bring home the bacon for charities at breakfast meeting

Newport Business Association NBA had a meeting at the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants Mess at Carver Barracks, raising over £350 for charity.

Over 45 local businesses, many Gateway to Business BNI members, attended a Business Breakfast to celebrate business opportunities at Carver Barracks. A spontaneous top-hat donation round raised funds for local charities supported by the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants Mess at Carver Barracks. Both Tiny Tots and Newport Free Grammar School benefitted from the generous support, as well as NBA members hearing that they raised over £4,500 for Carver Barracks welfare fund over the last year.
Jeremy Rose, Founder of NBA, said: “We’re delighted to support the families and soldiers at Carver Barracks. Our business members have a deep respect and affection for the Royal Engineers. I’d personally like to thank Staff Sergeant Sid Wilson for his enthusiasm and commitment to attending our NBA meetings, bridging a vital gap between the local community and the families at Carver Barracks. Newport Business Association members would like to thank all at the Barracks, families and serving personnel, who contribute to our local economy, help keep our homeland safe and commit their lives to keeping fellow armed services out of harms way.”
Staff Sergeant Sid Wilson, 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) , commented: “I thought I’d let you know how much money was raised so you could pass on our thanks to the rest of the NBA for being so generous.  We were able to make a donation of £100 to the Newport Free Grammar School Fund and £250 to Tiny Tots.”
Jeremy added: “When Captain Gau Gurung, Welfare Officer for 33 Engineer Regiment EOD, came to our breakfast meeting some five years ago, we all welcomed and embraced the tremendous support NBA members had for the Army at Carver Barracks. Over the years members have supported and raised funds to deliver local support for the families and serving personnel, helping to create the Carver Barracks Open Day, Deployment and information booklets for all at the barracks. I’d like to also thank Commanding Officer Lt Col Simon Stockley OBE, who has encouraged our members to work more closely with Carver Barracks, and has already seen a greater scope for local businesses to collaborate more effectively in the future.”
NBA meets on the last Friday of every month at Coach & Horses, Newport. To attend a meeting, see website for dates: or email Jeremy Rose to book your place:

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Businesses bring home the bacon for charities at breakfast meeting

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – make your product stand out this Valentines Day

We make heart shaped boxes in a variety of sizes

After Christmas and Easter, the period before Valentines Day is one of our busiest.  Given that we make presentation packaging for chocolate and flowers, you can understand why.

Of course, it’s not only GWD who look forward to Valentines Day for a welcome sales boost.  Following the post-Christmas lull, retailers all over the country look forward to February 14th as an opportunity to boost their sales heading to the end of the financial year.

Despite the fact that the day of Saint Valentine is often derided as a ‘hallmark holiday’ and the preserve of those in long-term relationships, there’s no doubt that it is still a crucial period in terms of generating revenue.

Stack of heart shaped boxes


An asymmetrical heart shaped box


As with any major event that generates revenue for retailers, the trouble lies in the competition.  As we noted, chocolates and flowers are very common Valentines Day gifts and there are lots and lots of retailers selling them.  The question is: how do you get the customers to buy your product rather than someone else’s?

Your product has to be good

This is an obvious point, but one that people still overlook.  Given the competition in your sector, the most important thing you can do is to ensure that your product is worth buying.

By that I don’t mean that your product has to be the chocolate or floral equivalent of haute cuisine; but it needs to have a selling point that makes it a sensible purchase.  It might be that it’s a sensible purchase because it’s cheaper than your competitor’s.  It might be that your unique chocolate recipe tastes better than anything on the market.  It might be that your brand name is so well known that a customer will automatically opt for your product.

I would like to suggest another factor along the same lines: it might be that your product looks good.  You know what it’s like when you go into a shop and your eye is drawn to a product.  The first impression is crucial to the sale, so it’s vital that customers get a great first impression of your product.

That’s where we come in.

A Valentines Day flower container

Packaging products proficiently

Let’s take chocolate as an example.  In most cases, if you’re selling chocolate on the shelves of a chocolatier or a department store, your actual product is not visible to the customer.  Your product is placed in some sort of box, and – all of a sudden – you’re selling your product on the strength of the first impression of that box, not the first impression of your product.

Therefore, it’s very important that your packaging can sell your product for you.  Maybe it needs to be eye-catching, giving customers a reason to investigate your product in more detail.  Maybe it needs to send the same sort of message as your product.  Whatever it is, the first impression your product gives off is the difference between gaining and losing a sale.

Declare your love with a heart shaped box

A Valentines Day example

To illustrate what I mean, I’ll use an example of a product that is one of your specialities.  In terms of images associated with Valentines Day, hearts come pretty close to the top of the list.  Therefore manufacturers want hearts featured as part of their product in order to say ‘this is for Valentines Day’.

Generally retailers will do this by having hearts printed on the packaging.  But say you wanted to go a stage further and really incorporate the Valentines Day message into your product.  You’d make your packaging (the first thing the customer sees) a physical representation of a Valentines Day gift.  One way of doing that?  A heart shaped box.  Rather than just printing hearts on your packaging, why not make your packaging an actual heart?  It stands out, and it explains exactly what it’s for without any confusion.  As one of the very few companies who make heart shaped boxes, lots of customers come to us for that precise shape.

Little and large heart shaped boxes

Over the last few years, Valentines Day spending in the UK alone has risen to well above £2 billion.  The retailer’s share of that income is at well over half that amount.  Given it’s size, retailers will know that getting Valentines Day wrong can have catastrophic implications for a business.  For that reason, it’s crucial to leave no stone unturned in order to sell your product.


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” – make your product stand out this Valentines Day

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