Latest Trends in Wedding Venue Styling

Wedding venue styling takes a great deal of organisation and consideration. How you style your wedding venue will depend on many factors such as the type and theme of your wedding.

So for example if you intend to have a country barn wedding, your wedding venue might be styled with plenty of flowers and vintage accessories like birdcages and lanterns. In this post we’re going to take a look at the latest trends in wedding venue styling, and possible ideas for inspiration.

Hollywood Glamour

Revived by the Great Gatsby film, this trend is all about sophistication of a bygone era of the 1920s.

Think crystal candlesticks, chandelier lighting, feather centrepieces and big band dancing. This trend oozes elegance.

Romantic Florals

One aspect of this trend is the flowers themselves.  Wedding venue decoration incorporates garlands for such things as the bar and doorways. Jessica Ennis’s 2013 followed a floral style, not only in her fabulous dress, but with plenty of garlands and flower arches.

The second aspect of this trend is within the decoration: blossom flower trees, made with either extremely realistic silk flowers or fresh flowers, have become very popular in wedding venue styling. They can be used as centrepieces, ceremony aisles or as stunning features.

Aisle Runners

A new trend in wedding venue dressing that has made its way from The States is personalising your aisle runner. Think about matching the colour to your wedding chair covers or overall theme. You could decorate with flower petals or even personalise with your initials.


Wedding venue lighting has a huge impact on the feel and atmosphere of your big day. Candles always give a romantic impression, but they can be interpreted in different ways. You might want to opt for pretty tea light holders as a nod to a vintage theme. Or you may wish to think about something more elaborate, such as a candelabra chandelier or candle globe centrepiece.


Crystal gives a decadent, luxurious feel to any wedding. Used with the right wedding venue lighting, crystal can elude a fabulous sparkling glimmer. Crystal trees have become popular in creating statement centrepieces and when combined with LED lighting, offer wonderfully striking appeal.

Likewise, crystal table chandeliers can look amazing on dining tables and can be lit to any colour. Crystal candelabra combines the beauty of romantic lighting with a striking centrepiece.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are known for their opulence, especially as Kanye rented out an entire baseball stadium to propose to Kim! Their wedding is due in May 2014 and this flamboyant couple are probably the most likely to follow this wedding venue styling trend.

Whichever trend most appeals to you, it’s important to plan and take time to achieve the look in a way that will most befit you and your partner.

At Sourcerer Events, we are right here on hand to offer insightful advice and inspiration in wedding venue styling. Give us a call to find out how we can help bring to life that dream look that you’ve got your heart set on.

Latest Trends in Wedding Venue Styling