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Packaging for Florists and Floral Arrangements

Well here we are again, back at work after the Christmas Holidays! Here at GWD

we’re lucky in that the normal New Year dread or malaise doesn’t actually apply – there’s always something fascinating to get our teeth into! This week we’re working on a new heart-shaped hatbox for flowers, see below…

hat boxes for florists

It’s that time of year again when a lot of our work relates to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter – all of which are fast approaching. Chocolates, of course, are a very popular gift and we make a great deal of packaging for confectionery at this time of year. However, it’s presentation packaging for florists that pre-occupies GWD at present.

hat boxes for floral arrangements

Our Blog has spoken previously about round, ‘hat’ boxes and how GWD is one of a very few companies in the UK with the ability to create them. Circular boxes (above) are perfect for floral displays and show off the beauty of any arrangement to great effect.

Where can I find packaging for my flowers?

Above is an example of a hatbox created for roses for a small independent florist in Scotland, demonstrating that you don’t have to have multiple outlets to have great packaging. The matt black wrapping and foil blocked-in gold gives a fantastic, upmarket feel to the floral arrangement within. Valentine’s and Mother’s Days are occasions when customers are prepared to pay a little more for gifts to express their regards and affection to their loved ones, so many florists will invest in special presentation packaging for the occasion, such as the stunning boxes (below) that we created for Royal Queen Roses, another independent florist, this time in Cyprus!  The fact that the cost of shipping these boxes to Cyprus is not inconsiderable indicates that our services are not only rare in the UK, but in Europe also.

‘They are not cheap to ship, and also shows that our skills are not only rare in the UK but Europe as well? Over to you”

Specialist boxes for florists

Of course we don’t just provide circular or heart-shaped boxes for florists – if you are looking for a more traditional square or rectangular box we can provide those too (see below). So if you are a florist (or indeed a chocolatier) and would like to make your flowers stand out for the special dates to come, why not give us a call? We have over thirty years experience in the presentation packaging industry and are considered leaders in the field.

Rectangular boxes for flowers

Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging. You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

Packaging for Florists and Floral Arrangements

Christmas Retail Packaging


It will surprise no one that Christmas plays a major role in the presentation packaging industry. For us, however, Christmas starts very early in the year! Companies creating advent calendars like the one below created for Prestat  will often send us their designs in May or June.

where can I get an advent calendar made?

Similarly, major brands like Lush will have their Christmas packaging planned and manufactured well in advance, for example the ‘Karma’ box below. Christmas, of course, is a massively important time for the retail sector as people purchase gifts, decorations, and supplies to celebrate. In retail the Christmas period is customarily defined as the six weeks up to December 24th – a period that traditionally sees c.18% of the annual retail spend. It isn’t surprising that companies make such an extra effort with their packaging for the Christmas season.

Semi-circular cardboard boxes UK

Here at GWD we’ve been creating Christmas packaging since the early 1990s, so there’s little we haven’t seen over the last twenty five years or so. Below, for example, is a selection of Christmas pudding boxes we made for Bettys (chocolatiers)The Dorchester Hotel and The RAC Club.

Circular boxes for presentation packaging

At GWD Ltd we remain one of the very few firms in the UK who can manufacture circular or semi-circular boxes, which really do help your product to stand out from the crowd.

Circular chocolate boxes manufacture uk

The hamper box above, again created for Bettys, gives a fantastic first impression to the potential consumer. Surely anyone who has gone to such great lengths over their choice of presentation packaging simply MUST have a great product that they’re offering? The same can be said for this gorgeous Christmas ‘Chest’, created for another chocolatier….

Bespoke cardboard boxes for products

….and also theses lovely chocolate boxes below in their different shapes and sizes. The workmanship that goes into these creations can be extremely complex and often time-consuming. That said our team of in-house designers and cardboard engineers have become extremely well versed in addressing complex packaging problems. If you have any questions regarding the feasibility of packaging designs for your product please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Cardboard engineering for boxes

Christmas is a hugely important time in retail. If you are looking to make your product stand out for next Christmas season give GWD a call!

Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging. You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:`

Christmas Retail Packaging

Architectural and Interior Design for residential or commercial properties from Anthony Jane Interiors

I have been travelling for most of 2013/14 and have visited 10 countries Including India and China and have seen literally 100’s of business owners and potential suppliers for my interiors company Anthony Jane. We have been very lucky to experience the wonders of meeting new people from different cultures and have grown as individuals as a result.

We have now returned home soon with so many new ideas and concepts that we cannot wait to explore and develop. My enthusiasm and passion for Interiors and Architecture has exploded and I am so lucky to be able to work in a profession I love.

For many years I have excelled at procurement and project management and now with even more ideas and an ever increasing black book of supplier’s from around the world, I can now give my client’s exactly what they want as well as a taste of the extraordinary and through my negotiation skills, all at the best price possible.

Through my twin companies of RST for Architecture and Anthony Jane for Interiors, I can now design the project from start to absolute completion including supplying everything you need to enjoy your property. Such fun and I am already underway with some exciting and different projects in the UK, i love a challenge and love to add the wow!

Architectural and Interior Design for residential or commercial properties from Anthony Jane Interiors has updated their news.

Primary and Secondary Packaging Functions?


From Candle Box to Keepsake Box

Here at GWD  we are used to requests for intricate and stylish packaging. It is not uncommon for boxes to be built with compartments, drawers and miniature shelves (see previous blogs ‘Specialist Packaging For High Street Brands’ and ‘Afternoon Tea, Anyone?’, for example). But it is important to consider what happens to these boxes after their primary function, as a corporate or presentation packaging item, has been fulfilled.

high quality presentation packaging

High quality presentation packaging

The box above, which was commissioned by the high-street brand Lush was originally designed to display a range of their bath bombs, bath salts and other accessories. If you were lucky enough to receive one of these boxes as a gift you’d be unlikely to discard it after the products had been used. Indeed, the average lifetime of boxes similar to these cannot be underestimated as they are often put to use as ‘keepsake boxes’ for trinkets, valuables and the like.

Boxes for candle makers>

Boxes for candle makers

In a blog late last year we discussed packaging for candle makers such as the lovely example shown above. This box is manufactured not only with a slide-out tray as shown (in which the Client placed matches/tapers) but also with an internal tray to hold the glass in which the candle was poured (below).

keepsake boxes and trinket boxes>

Keepsake boxes and trinket boxes

The candle manufacturer had the foresight to realise that once the candle had been removed or had burnt down, the owner would be reluctant to throw away such a stylish item, so the internal tray could be simply removed and the box reused as a keepsake box on a chest of drawers or a make-up table, perhaps.

Christmas gift packaging>

Christmas gift packaging

The fact that the company’s brand and logo is hence displayed prominently in the customer’s household for a number of years – as a very subtle form of advertising, – is obviously an added bonus.

So when considering the packaging requirements for your product why not consider a secondary function too? Can it be stylish or original enough to be repurposed and kept in the home, perhaps for trinkets or keepsakes, as a reminder to the customer of the quality of the original product?

Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and
manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging. You can reach him
on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

Primary and Secondary Packaging Functions?

Has your web developer covered all the SEO bases?

Search Engine Optimisation

We’re all trying to make sure our web pages are best placed in the search results on the key search engines such as Google or Bing and these days it is much more of a meritocracy than ever before; the genuinely good websites rising to the top for their sphere of authority.

That’s not to say that they can’t be influenced. Please dispel any ideas of the black hat techniques of the past and concentrate on writing quality websites that are genuinely better than their compatriots, better content, better written, better composed, better liked, better coded, basically fundamentally better by any real measure.

Today we’ll consider ten key on-page items that make websites perform better in the search results. In other editions we’ll go deeper into this as well as looking at other off page factors. Follow us @Toucan_Group for later editions of the SEO Checklist.

Let’s now look at the on-page items that we consider mandatory for good SEO in this session. There are hundreds of items to consider but here is a snap shot of ten very important on-page items. Don’t shoot the web developer if these are not implemented exactly as prescribed here in your site as it can depend on the brief you’ve given them and the mission for the site.

To check many of these you’ll need to see the code that makes up your pages. This is browser dependent but is normally under a term such as “view page source”. In Chrome on PC, right click and you get that option.

  1. Keywords in the Title Tag
    The title tag is the webpage’s second most important piece of SEO content and it therefore provides the search engine a high SEO ranking.
  2. Title Tag Starts with Keyword
    Title tags that start with a keyword invariably perform better than title tags with the keyword elsewhere in the word order.
  3. Keywords in Description Tag
    This is a less relevant tag than in the past however these still make a difference to ranking with some search engines.
  4. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag
    H1 tags are the next most important item to get right after the title tag. These send another relevancy signal to Google as they reinforce the title tag.
  5. Word Count
    The extent of the content on your page with more words expanding on the relevant topic is a ranking signal and will affect the Search Engine Results Position. A bare minimum of 100 words is a fair rule however 300 words of more will give better results.
  6. Cross linking within the site using Keywords
    In the text within the site use links on the keywords to navigate to other sections of the site. Google picks up on these as items that are of high relevance within the site.
  7. Page Loading Speed in a browser
    Google and Bing monitor page loading speed as a ranking factor. Poorly built sites with no code minification, bloated code, badly compressed images and alike all increase page load time. For an impartial test of your site go to
  8. Duplicate Content
    Never use identical content anywhere in a site, it will be spotted and the site penalised in the search results as it is a negative indicator of quality. This includes all tags, meta and image except the keyword tag.
  9. Image Optimisation
    Images with a page provide search engines relevancy signals and usability factors. Use the file name to be descriptive, use alt text to describe the image so that text readers for partially sighted get an explanation and consider adding title, description and caption.
  10. Page html errors
    Poorly coded web pages are indicative of a poor website. If the code doesn’t comply with standards then there’s a chance the search engine spiders may even baulk at indexing it altogether and not all browsers will render it properly. The standards book is W3C and they provide a validation tool at Once again don’t cane your web developer too much if there is the odd Warninghowever if there are many Errors, then you should delve further.

Further publications will deliver further manageable bite-sized advice on this enormous topic. All announced @toucan_group.


This information has been written and collated by Simon Thomas, active in commercial web development and online marketing since 1996, who understands the need to stay current with standards and methods almost week by week.
01279 871 694T Bird 72ppi

Has your web developer covered all the SEO bases?

Afternoon Tea, Anyone?

Swivel Boxes and Complex Presentation Packaging


It isn’t unusual for GWD to receive requests for some pretty difficult items of packaging. Occasionally, external designers will come up with an extremely complex presentation packaging solution and get it signed off by their client before actually checking that it actually can be manufactured. Occasionally (and it is very occasionally) the product cannot be produced in its original design. That said, here at GWD we love a challenge and more often than not our experienced cardboard engineers can remedy any problem thrown at them!

One of the more complicated designs came earlier this year from a well known Brasserie located in one of the Country’s leading dept stores. The task was to provide a box for cakes and delicacies from which to serve Afternoon Tea. The brasserie is extremely salubrious and it’s stylish interiors and fine menu position it at the high-end of dining establishments.. Any packaging products would, naturally, have to reflect the  status of the brand as well as having a certain ‘wow’ factor.

Within the dept store, The Brasserie finds itself in close proximity to the millinery department, with its extensive collection of high-quality headwear and fascinators. It seemed appropriate that the provided packaging should come in the form of a hat-box. GWD ltd have a long history of providing round or  ‘hat’ boxes for many companies looking to add extra value to their products through presentation packaging, indeed we are one of a very few companies to provide that service from the UK.

After consideration, the designers at GWD decided that their perfect solution was to create a ‘swivel box’.

swivel box packaging manufacture uk

GWD had made a number of ‘swivel’ boxes in the past, primarily for flowers or for chocolates (such as the one above). Introducing a ‘swivel’ into a circular box is considerably more challenging than doing so in a square or octagonal product, as the lack of any straight edges makes fixing it difficult. Also the client wanted to introduce a further element – a semi-circular tray which acted as a third, removable, layer at the top of the box (see below), so the top layer required a built-in collar for the tray to rest on. Fortunately, as previously mentioned, GWD have been in the presentation packaging industry since 1985 and have a very knowledgable workforce of cardboard engineers and designers who were able to bring all their experience to the task.

Hat boxes and round packaging boxes UK

The interior of the product was laminated to make it grease-proof so that the the contents of the box did not stain the outside. The final result can be seen below and both the Client and GWD were very pleased with it.

Where can I find circular swivel boxes?

If you or your company have any complex packaging needs, or if you feel that such packaging would be beneficial please don’t hesitate to contact us. The Managing Director of GWD Ltd is Noel Greenwood.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

Afternoon Tea, Anyone?

Make Corporate Responsibility Work for your Business

A partnership between a business and a charity is a strategic and mutually beneficial alliance between two organisations who have found a common purpose and value base. Partnerships bring much needed funding and commercial advice for the charity whilst the business will benefit from increased visibility, brand building, good PR, a chance to ‘make a difference’ for the local community and will contribute towards overall business objectives. Businesses globally are aligning positive social and environmental outcomes with their core purpose and vision. A Corporate Responsibility (CR) programme is now widely recommended for a sustainable business.  As board and family member of the Ford Motor Company William Clay Ford said, ‘Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.’ Corporate responsibility is being given increasing prominence on the business, localism and national Government agenda. ‘High on the list of the UK Government’s priorities is to achieve sustainable and balanced economic growth across the UK, as well as building a stronger, fairer society. We see responsible businesses as being central to this.’1

Business in the Community report on the seven key benefits of Corporate Responsibility from over 60 companies in The Business Case for being a Responsible Business2:

  • ·         Brand value and reputation – charity partnerships support companies to build public trust
  • ·         Operational effectiveness – improvements and innovation in business practice as a direct result of being responsible
  • ·         Risk reduction and management – benefits from corporate responsibility efforts that improve the business’ ability to identify exposure to risk
  • ·         Direct financial impact – improving access to capital, reducing costs and improving shareholder value
  • ·         Organisational growth – new markets, new product development, new customers, new partnerships from responsible business strategy
  • ·         Business opportunity  – new opportunities or innovation generation created for all stakeholders specifically because of business’ efforts in corporate responsibility
  • ·         Employees and future workforce – aligning values with a reputable charity improves recruitment and retention

St Clare Hospice is your local charity that provides specialist palliative care for the community in West Essex and the borders of East Hertfordshire. Our approach to care gives patients and their families the strategies they need to enjoy the best possible quality of life. The service is free and with costs that reach £3.75 million and with only 34% of our funding coming from the NHS, we need to build strategic partnerships with our local businesses. An annual partnership with St Clare Hospice helps to fund the free service that we offer to over 1,500 patients (and their families and loved ones) every year. There are also tangible rewards and benefits for our partners and so a partnership with us makes good business sense. The annual partnership scheme will take the form of a St Clare Hospice Business Club which will launch in April 2016. The club was formed in 2016 in response to a national movement of businesses away from philanthropy and non-strategic donations. It is designed to bring vital annual funding for St Clare while also helping businesses to succeed over a sustainable period of time through dedicated partnership management. Essentially, this partnership puts business at the forefront of a significant local community need, which forms part of a national movement.

There are a number of other ways to work with us. We run a number of events and challenges throughout the year which have earned their place amongst local community landmarks. Event sponsorship is a fantastic marketing opportunity and gives businesses a ready made platform to profile their services to a willing audience.

As a recent example, Local law firm, Barnes and Partners, are partnering with St Clare Hospice to help deliver the charity’s biggest event of 2016. The ever-popular Midnight Walk is the largest event in the St Clare calendar. Barnes & Partners have committed a groundbreaking £15,000 in partnership on the event and will receive a great return, including; local media coverage, brand alignment, employee engagement and the benefits of an intensive local marketing campaign all of which will help to meet their business objectives. They are making corporate responsibility really work for their businesses.

Nigel Barnes, Founder and Managing Partner said: “As a local firm who is dedicated to serving families in our community, we are delighted to be able to help our local hospice. Like St Clare, we help families at those big moments in their lives – buying a house, getting married and making a will – and are committed to serving our customers. We are proud to support the incredible work of St Clare and to help them to care for local families now and in the future.”

We hope it is just the start of a long term mutually beneficial relationship between our two organisations where the values fit so perfectly.

If you would like to know more about how to make CR work for your business or specific strategic partnerships with St Clare Hospice, please contact Amy Jacobs




Make Corporate Responsibility Work for your Business

Another Royal Connection for GWD

Packaging for the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

We have written previously in this blog of GWD’s connections with holders of The Royal Warrant, notably Cornelia James. Recently, we were contacted by Taylor’s Bulbs of Holbeach, who hold The Royal Warrant as Bulb Growers to Her Majesty The Queen and have won the distinguished Gold Medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for 23 years consecutively (better check this). The owner of Taylor’s Bulbs, Lord John Taylor, Baron of Holbeach CBE PC FRSA, is currently also Government Chief Whip in the House of Lords.

Taylors had bred a new bulb called ‘Gentlemen at Arms’ which was to be presented in person by Lord Taylor to Her Majesty at a Royal garden party at Windsor Castle in May 2016, on the occasion of the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations. The company wanted a bespoke, one-off presentation packaging solution to display the bulbs in the best possible way and approached GWD Ltd to create it.

The box in our factory

The deadline was quite tight (four days from start to finish!) and the quality was to be of the highest standard so there was some pressure with the job. At GWD however, we have been creating bespoke packaging projects for over 30 years, so we have the experience and the team members to carry it off. The box itself was 700mm tall in deep purple with two central ‘windows’ die-cut into it to display the bulbs. It had a top lid and cords (also in deep purple) so Lord Taylor could carry it when presenting the flowers to HRH The Queen (who, no doubt, received it whilst wearing her Cornelia James gloves!)

'Gentlemen at Arms'

The overall effect, especially with the marvellous blooms included was, in Lord John’s words ‘Magnificent’. Helen Chambers, Key Account Manager at Taylor’s Bulbs said: “He (Lord John) was delighted with the whole look…the flowers fitted perfectly through the window section.” She added: “Many Thanks to you and all your team for making this a successful project and in such a small space of time, we appreciate the speed and attention to detail given.”

We can’t be sure of Her Majesty’s reaction we like to imagine that she was quite impressed too:-)

The Baron of Holbeach


Noel Greenwood is the Managing Director of GWD Ltd, the designers and manufacturers of presentation and promotional packaging.  You can reach him on (01279) 416093 or at the company’s website:

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Another Royal Connection for GWD

BT to switch off business phone network


Most businesses with more than a handful of employees use ISDN  telephone lines.  After 2020 BT will stop training ISDN engineers – and in 2025 it will switch off the ISDN network.  Businesses will need an alternative in place well before then so it is prudent to find out when your current telephone contract ends and start considering your options many months in advance.

“Old fashioned” telephone handsets send an analogue signal along analogue phone lines.  Modern telephone equipment can convert analogue voice signals into digital data “packets” which can then travel via the internet rather than telephone lines.  This technology is called “Voice over IP” (“VoIP”).  Because VoIP signals use the internet, anyone wishing to use a VoIP telephone needs a reliable and fast data connection.  A leased line or fibre connection is best – ADSL can sometimes cope with a couple of additional voice signals but this often results in poor call quality (upload speed is generally the limiting factor).

VoIP systems offer two main alternatives, with many permutations underneath.  Some companies might wish to retain their existing telephone system or switchboard (PBX).  If the system is not too ancient it can have additional circuit boards fitted to allow VoIP channels (called “SIP trunks”) to replace ISDN lines.  It is not necessary to have one SIP trunk per staff member, i.e. a company of 50 employees might have 20 SIP trunks as not every employee will use the telephone simultaneously.

The other alternative is to replace the physical PBX/ telephone system with a “virtual PBX” in the cloud.  This is called “Hosted VoIP”.  Employees access a web portal to configure the system which allows a huge range of functions (hunt groups, failovers etc).  Each user needs a VoIP handset which plugs into a data socket identical to that used by their pc.  In contrast to SIP trunks, each handset needs its own VoIP channel.  In most cases VoIP handsets arrive pre-configured and are “plug and play”.

There are many variations to the above and migrating to a new technology is an opportunity to consider how (and where) your staff will work in the future – do they need a fixed handset on a desk, or a mobile handset or headset ?  Will they work from home ?  What about video calls and conferencing ?  Integration with CRMs ?

For impartial advice on the above please contact me – even if your existing contract does not expire for some considerable time.  We can then diarise the project for a future date and plan accordingly.


BT to switch off business phone network