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Businesses help promote “The Lavender Line”

Newspaper Article:

Businesses help promote “The Lavender Line”

Newport Business Association makes better business with BNI connections

Newspaper Article:


Please give feedback on the following YouTube Videos

Great fun making the video shorts, had four businesses getting together. 


Comments so far:

“The NCTJ was delighted to provide the venue for Newport Business Association’s filming and support this local initiative. It all ran very smoothly and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished videos.”

Joanne Butcher, chief executive, National Council for the Training of Journalists

Tony Pullen: “It is very good and I think the grandiose Universal Studios opening is excellent. People like to enjoy a bit of fun and find it easier to trust someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously but is nevertheless good at what they do, Go for it Jezzah!

Jim Cliff: “Really excellent!  Although, obviously, I hate all the bits with me in them!”

Matthew Radway “I think it’s great but the mock-universal opening and film style credits at the end take away a little from the professionalism of it.”

Tony Pullen “Excellent – to the point, I hope it gets the views it deserves”

Anthony Rose: “Very good. snappy presentation and i like the key points emphasised just right”
Jane Hill: “Love it! Nice to ‘see’ you again :-). Good use of the old ‘on time, every time’ – did you know that Air UK used that tag line in the mid to late 80’s??? Great job Jeremy, I hope it brings you masses of views and business.”

Laura Jackson “great work, really good, straight to the point and the photos of the work that you do are brilliant :)”

Alan Brown: “Very good Jeremy – as usual. ”

Robert McCarthy: “Like the vid Jeremy.”

Newport Business Association makes better business with BNI connections