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Businesses support expansion of Stansted Airport

Newspaper Article:

Newport Business Association NBA totally supports the expansion of business at Stansted Airport. For too long the North-side of Stansted Airport, where the real business of air passenger business traffic takes place, has been ignored and found floundering in these economic times.
Jeremy Rose, NBA founder, stated: “The North side of Stansted Airport, the business hub, is undervalued by Stansted Airport Limited, and seems to be a huge embarrassment to Uttlesford District Council. More opportunities should be developed to enable local businesses to start up and use land for business related use — not stifle the economic development because NIBI’s want to restrict use to just airport related use. Only 22% of staff working at Stansted Airport come from Uttlesford. The business opportunities are huge if only Uttlesford District Council would grasp the initiative and develop the North side of the airport into a thriving hub for business related enterprises.”
On Friday 28 February, Penny Stephens from InFlite, will explain why she chose Stansted Airport to be site for her family business, and how she’s suffering from big competitors like BAA at Heathrow, Luton Airport business carriers and a lack of support from Uttlesford District Council.
Penny explained: “Business Aviation is predominantly used by business leaders, enabling travel by entrepreneurs whose enterprise and energy are a cornerstone of economic growth rather than wealthy people travelling for leisure.  The Business Aviation sector contributed a total of 19.7bn Euros in annual gross value added (GVA) to the European economy in 2007 and accounted for 164k jobs.  Farnborough which is a dedicated Business Aviation Airport generates some £17 million to the local economy and employing over 1,000 at the airport site and around 4,000 in the airports wider supply chain and induced employment.”
“The majority of business flights from the US, Middle East, Hong Kong and India arrive and depart at night to enable them to achieve a full working day prior to departing that evening to do it all again in another country.  Noise levels of modern Business Jets are better than scheduled airlines. Business jets are able, given the weight and performance, to depart the runway earlier and attain altitude quicker than scheduled airlines  therefore, reducing the noise environmental footprint in the local area.”
A spokesman from Stansted Airport commented: “Stansted Airport has long been a catalyst for economic activity and opportunity within the regional business community, helping support jobs, inbound tourism and key to attracting inward investment. Now, under the ownership of M.A.G, we have very ambitious plans to grow passenger numbers by attracting new airlines and increasing the range of destinations with existing customers. We’ve already secured long-term deals with both easyJet and Ryanair so our focus now is to broaden the route network, offer passengers more choice and create a richer mix of airlines operating out of Stansted, including business carriers.”
Jeremy Rose agrees with these sentiments, but urges Stansted Airport to get its act together: “Airports are always a reflection of the regions they serve — what businesses want, what communities want. We all know our region is already hugely successful and packed full of entrepreneurial spirit but we believe by working together our aim that Stansted should fulfil its full potential can go hand in hand with regional growth and shared prosperity.”
If you’d like to put your views across, and hear the case for expanding the business of Stansted Airport, please contact Jeremy Rose, NBA on 01799 541114 or email nba@c-lutions.co.uk to reserve your seat. Meeting starts at 07.45am, Coach & Horses, Newport, Essex CB11 3TR

Businesses support expansion of Stansted Airport

Cost effective cutouts in fight against crime

Newspaper Article:

‘Cost effective’ cops were on display at our October meeting. Creative Solutions provided Newport Business Association with a cost-effective way of cutting crime -cut-out-cops to deter crime and reduce shoplifting.

Businesses feel vulnerable to rising crime during these difficult economic times and have had to take drastic action to secure premises from criminal activities. NBA members suggested an alternative to expensive deterrents.

NBA members suggested that cardboard cutouts, as demonstrated with the three cost-effective, cardboard policemen displayed at the meeting, could deter burglars and thieves from shops and business premises.

Police Forces have loved the idea, and the cutouts, when placed in shop windows and doorways, boost public confidence, deter criminals and make the police more ‘approachable’. Greater Manchester Police claim that the cardboard cutouts at superstores have reduced shoplifting by 75%.

Nick Alston, Conservative candidate for Essex Police & Crime Commissioner, noted: “I was delighted to be invited to speak to the NBA to raise awareness about the P&CC election on 15 November and to talk about my campaign. The election is a great opportunity for everyone in Essex, for the first time, to have some democratic say over the priorities of the Essex Police and to elect someone to hold the Police to account on their behalf. I am enthusiastic about the role and believe I have the relevant experience to make a success of it. It really is democracy in action; we don’t see new initiatives like this very often.”

“I had some great suggestions and questions from the members of the NBA. It is clearly an association that not only promotes business to business opportunities but is also keen to engage with the important issues of the day and to support the local community. Thanks and well done to the NBA.”

If you’d like to order the incredibly life-like cardboard policemen, call Newport Business Association on 01799 541114, or email nba_police@c-lutions.co.uk for a special introductory offer of £60 + vat, or £160 + vat for all three. The dedicated police team could make the ultimate deterrent. Work them in shifts or station them in different areas. See web site for more details: www.newportbusinessassociation.co.uk

Cost effective cutouts in fight against crime

Creative Solutions welcomes British Army home

Creative Solutions produce Afghanistan tour booklet for 33 Engineer Regiment at Carver Barracks, Essex. 

 1,000 Army booklets: John Musgrove, Lieutenant Colonel Bell and Jeremy Rose, Creative Solutions. 

Newport Business Association NBA businesses have helped to design, produce and print over 1,000 commemorative booklets for the men and women who served out in Afghanistan. The tour, from March to October 2012 was celebrated with a 76 page booklet showing the contribution different sections of 33 Engineer Regiment contributed to Operation Herrick 16

In memoriam to Sapper Connor Ray, Corporal Andrew Roberts and Private Ratu Manasa Silibaravi. When you go home tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today.

Thank you to Michael Cameron for some photography, Jeremy Rose of Creative Solutions for the design and production, John Musgrove of Colour Print for printing the booklet and Alice Maggs for Minute Man Press for printing the programmes. 

Big thank you to all those that have pledged money for the new Family Guide, which will be produced in February/March 2013. 

If you’d like to advertise, please call 01799 541114 or email nba@c-lutions.co.uk and pledge £100, £200, £300 or £400 and we’ll create the advertising.

Creative Solutions welcomes British Army home

Businesses help promote “The Lavender Line”

Newspaper Article:

Businesses help promote “The Lavender Line”

Business opportunities at Newport Station

Meeting Announcement:


Jeremy Rose

Business opportunities
at Newport Station
Community Café and Bee & Butterfly habitat can bring business benefits – 200,000 passengers pass through the station every year. 
Jeremy expalins the business benefits

Friday 31 August 2012, 7.45am – 9.30am. 

Coach & Horses, Newport, Essex CB11 3TR

Email nba@c-lutions.co.uk and say:
“yes – book my seat NOW!”

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Newport Business Association
The Office, Brown House, The High Street, Newport, Nr Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 3QY
01799 541114, 10.30am – 3.00pm
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Business opportunities at Newport Station

Newport Business Association makes better business with BNI connections

Newspaper Article:


Please give feedback on the following YouTube Videos

Great fun making the video shorts, had four businesses getting together. 


Comments so far:

“The NCTJ was delighted to provide the venue for Newport Business Association’s filming and support this local initiative. It all ran very smoothly and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished videos.”

Joanne Butcher, chief executive, National Council for the Training of Journalists

Tony Pullen: “It is very good and I think the grandiose Universal Studios opening is excellent. People like to enjoy a bit of fun and find it easier to trust someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously but is nevertheless good at what they do, Go for it Jezzah!

Jim Cliff: “Really excellent!  Although, obviously, I hate all the bits with me in them!”

Matthew Radway “I think it’s great but the mock-universal opening and film style credits at the end take away a little from the professionalism of it.”

Tony Pullen “Excellent – to the point, I hope it gets the views it deserves”

Anthony Rose: “Very good. snappy presentation and i like the key points emphasised just right”
Jane Hill: “Love it! Nice to ‘see’ you again :-). Good use of the old ‘on time, every time’ – did you know that Air UK used that tag line in the mid to late 80’s??? Great job Jeremy, I hope it brings you masses of views and business.”

Laura Jackson “great work, really good, straight to the point and the photos of the work that you do are brilliant :)”

Alan Brown: “Very good Jeremy – as usual. ”

Robert McCarthy: “Like the vid Jeremy.”

Newport Business Association makes better business with BNI connections