Talking business

I like talking business, and indeed I like helping businesses talk about themselves. This is what we do for Whitbread, Dixons, Mothercare, Costa Coffee and British Hospitality Association.

We create the right presentation, prospectus, report or presentation. We’re very good at it and we always deliver on time, in budget. That’s what we do, and that’s why we are asked to create value for other businesses.

So imagine my delight when BNI head office started promoting Andy Bounds talking business tips for BNI members.

So, listen and learn from Andy Bounds. A terrific speaker.

How do we relate King Canute with this information? Look & Learn illustration from 1989 shows King Canute addressing the crashing waves on the English shores.

How does this relate to you? Every business must change, adapt and not think that business will automatically stop and buy from them.

Creative Solutions has adapted and changed over the years. We’ll create the right impression, at the right time, every time.

Big or Small, we’ll design for them all.


Jeremy Rose, Creative Solutions 01799 541114 or email

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Talking business